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Product Length: 0.39 inches
Product Width: 0.39 inches
Product Height: 0.39 inches
Product Weight: 0.8 pounds
Package Length: 3.3 inches
Package Width: 2.3 inches
Package Height: 2.3 inches
Package Weight: 0.75 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 376 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 376 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

96 of 102 found the following review helpful:

4Instant Biscuits and GravyNov 25, 2011
By Doug
I'm an American and had heard of, but never tried this stuff. Well thanks to the magic of the internet I decided that it was time to see what was up with all this Australian hoopla and get some for myself.

When it arrived, with much trepidation, I made some toast, added copious amounts of whipped margarine, and then carefully scraped a blob of Vegemite onto it and mixed it around. And then I ate it.

Its a very salty type stuff, with a flavor reminiscent of soy sauce and/or beef bullion, and maybe mushrooms. All I can think of is that this is like instant biscuits and gravy in a spreadable form.

Weird but kind of good. I'd get it again!

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5The ultimate Australian treat!Jan 09, 2010
By D. Truesdale
I bought some Vegemite to send to friends in Chicago as part of an 'Aussie' gift package to send with my daughter who was staying with them when she came to the US. For Australians, Vegemite on toast is regarded as one of life's staples. We eat it for breakfast, after-school snacks and late night suppers. It's a cure-all when we're sick and great when we're hungover and can't face anything else. One note of caution - Vegemite is not designed to be spread thickly on toast - it has to be spread in a very thin, even layer, otherwise, it's unpalatable. Enjoy!

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5Call meJul 26, 2012
By Alex
Oh baby, baby I love you, I love how you are an excellent source of vitamin B, how you put a rose in every cheek, how you're basically nothing but salt and the taste of yeast... Would that I had known how terrible it would be to be parted from you, forced to be with you only on sweet, american bread which is just so weird. If only I had brought more of you from home, I'd eat you by the spoonful even though I'm fairly sure that would eventually kill me.

I want to hold you in my arms again... Calll meeeeee....

35 of 42 found the following review helpful:

5God I've missed this stuff!Jan 09, 2013
By Stroppy1
I was thrilled to find I could buy vegemite on Amazon. I'm an Aussie, been in the USA many years now and had the 'craving' for a lot of that time. Alas it's very hard to get here so I was amazed I could get it through Amazon. I bought 3x 220g jars for around $32 with free super saver shipping. Still very expensive compared to buying it off the shelves in Oz but it's worth it to me! My craving been sated finally.

Malty and salty, just the way I like it! It's primarily a breakfast spread that's great on toast but it can also be used as bullion cubes for cooking. It has consistency a little bit firmer than peanut butter but it's quite smooth to spread. I certainly love the stuff but it's an acquired taste, definitely. Keep it in the cupboard and not the fridge.

A US colleague of mine loves the stuff, because it reminds him of the tasty pan residue/drippings after cooking meat. Others I have let try it make such a screwed-up face you'd think I had given them sour warheads! Each to their own I guess.

Anyhoo... I will be buying it here from now on. Im a happy little vegemite =)

*UPDATE* I am on my last jar in the cupboard. The expiry date was some time in 2013, some 2 years out-of-date, but it's still just as good as the day I bought it. This stuff lasts a heck of a long time! If you're wondering why I stopped eating it to let it expire like that, well... sometimes you just gotta be in the mood for Vegemite. My mood has returned... haha! I need to stock up on some more now.


10 of 10 found the following review helpful:

5Veg-e-mite! Love it!Aug 31, 2010
By Pard ""Somewhere in the High Sierra""
The Kraft Vegemite definitely tastes better -- it has "depth" of flavor, compared to the other faux Vegemites like Marmite. I spread it on whole wheat matzoh (believe it or not) and love it on roasted unsalted almonds for a really good snack. I must be the only non-Aussie within 200 miles who has gone through several 220 gram jars of the stuff already! Love it!

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